What are the most valuable Amiga games in 2021?

I recently found a receipt showing how much my Dad paid for an Amiga 600 and various accessories back in the early 90s. The prices aren’t too far off how much you would pay today.

Amiga receipt

After years without one, I really started to miss the little grey rectangle of joy last year. So I brought a recapped and refurbished A600 from Retro Passion and set about dusting off my favourite games from where they had been resting in my parent’s attic. They still worked!

Amiga 600

I also ventured onto eBay and various Amiga Facebook groups to start hunting down other games, and learned from extensive buying, selling and monitoring of prices that it’s not only Amiga hardware that goes for premium prices these days. Here’s a non-extensive list of some of the more expensive Amiga games around, judged on the range of sold prices on eBay at the point when I checked. It’s very much worth noting that prices can vary hugely depending on the condition or size of the box, whether the game has been tested and a host of other factors.

Moonstone: A Hard Day’s Knight


My main memory of this game is seeing the cover art advertised in Amiga magazines along with its pun-tastic tag line: “So much fun – you’ll die!” It’s a gore-fest with a cult following and I’m not sure any other Amiga game is more sought after. The eBay sold prices at the time of writing range from £130 (for an untested copy with wear and tear) to a whopping £1,046 for a never-opened sealed version, which must be about as rare as you can get.



Your chance to be a wasp! This Team 17 side-scrolling shoot ‘em up sees you traversing gardens fending off butterflies and a praying mantis among other bug life.

Big box copies seem to have gone for £80–150 recently. Small box versions are a lot more reasonable at £25–40.


Agony screenshot

Did for owls what Apidya did for wasps. The artwork, music and atmosphere left a lasting impression on Amiga gamers and copies have recently gone for £75–200.


Lionheart Amiga

I remember playing a One Amiga demo of this game over and over, partly because I was getting into doom metal at the time and loved the gothic soundtrack. Sold prices at the moment range from £53–140.

Ruff n’ Tumble

Ruff N Tumble Amiga

I’ve seen this colourful run-and-gun platformer described as being more impressive graphically than most AGA Amiga games, and that feels about right. Possibly the closest thing to the pace and vibe of Sonic on the platform. It’s gone recently for between £45–140.


Dynablaster Amiga

The official Amiga version of Bomberman came with an adapter allowing you to plug in four joysticks, making it even more collectible. Recent sold prices are £54-81 but I’m sure I’ve seen it go for even more.


Turrican Amiga

All three of the classic Turrican games from Rainbow Arts are highly sought after. The original for example has fetched between £28 (untested) and £68 in the last few months. The prices listed for sale suggest that these games can sometimes go for a lot more.


Walker Amiga

Another Psygnosis classic, along with Agony, albeit a very different game. The way it combined mouse and joystick controls as a means to operate your mech was really innovative at the time and loads of fun. Copies seem to consistently go for about £50.

Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion

Prices for this seminal LucasArts point-and-click really seem to vary. Rarer copies with 3D glasses and a poster included have fetched £110, £150 and £250 in the last few months.

Lost Dutchman Mine

Lost Dutchman Mine

Decades before Red Dead took the world by storm, Lost Dutchman Mine was giving gamers a quality cowboy experience back in 1989. Thanks Redditor dritspel for pointing out that it’s a very hard to find game. A copy in good condition recent sold for £101.87.

Worms – The Directors Cut

Worms The Directors Cut screenshot

Thanks to Redditor gazchap for pointing out how much this one can sell for. The Directors Cut of everyone’s favourite insect game (sorry Apidya) includes lots of extras such as graphical improvements, a level creator and new weapons. Sold prices lately have ranged from £27 (for a slightly battered copy) to £50.


Ambermoon Amiga

Redditor SchuylerHaussman alerted me to this one: “Impossible to find, and when it’s for sale it’s usually >£200.” I can confirm from a look around online that copies seem extremely rare. There aren’t even any eBay sold prices to go on, although a sealed boxed copy is up for sale for £927.69 right now. Published in 1993, Ambermoon is an RPG created by the German developer Thalion, who also created Lionheart on this same list.

Shadow of the Beast 3

Shadow of the Beast 3 screenshot

Like Turrican, the whole Shadow of the Beast series is collectible on Amiga – although the small plastic case copies significantly less so. There are some long box editions which fetch particularly high prices. Standard big box copies of Shadow of the Beast 3 have gone for £20, £55 and £125 – a confusing range which brings us back to the point that Amiga game prices are unpredictable and constantly fluctuating. And that sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might be able to pick up a relative bargain.

What have I missed or misrepresented? Comments appreciated!

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